Crystal Hunt: Beauty and Talent Equals Fame

Young and beautiful actresses appear in Hollywood on a regular basis. One such young lady is showing great promise for a long-time career by turning in noticeable performances in just a few roles. It has been said of Crystal Hunt that she has an impressive range for performing, and has many other talents including photography. She is able to show deep emotion, or create laughter. It is often difficult for a young actress to do comedy and drama, but Crystal has shown the talent to do both.

Crystal was born in Clearwater, Florida and currently lives in Los Angeles with her mother. The first role in Crystal’s young life was in 1991, when she was only six years old. She played the part of “Daughter” in the movie, “Problem Child 2”. Prior to appearing on screen for the first time, Crystal entered pageants and talent shows as early as the age of two. Beautiful and talented, Crystal was getting noticed at a very early age, and seemed to enjoy the spotlight.

Crystal’s first television role was playing the part of Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap “Guiding Light” in 2003. In this role, Lizzie is a pampered and rebellious little rich girl that believes her family is too critical of her. Crystal is very believable in her emotional performance, as this type of person would react. The year 2005 awarded Crystal Hunt with both a Daytime Emmy nomination and a Soap Opera Digest nomination, both for performances in “Guiding Light”. Crystal left the show, and her role as Lizzie in 2006.

Continuing to develop her acting career through the mid-2000’s, Crystal took acting and singing lessons, and was seen in anti-drug commercials with the boy rock band, “N-sync” and actor Tom Hanks. She also performed in several movies in 2005 and 2007. Crystal returned to daytime television briefly and sporadically from 2009-2010 as Stacy Morasco on “One Life to Live”. This role started as the young girl, Stacy, and ended about one year later as the ghost of Stacy.

Recently, 2014-2015 has seen Crystal in various roles in movies, the most impressive performance being in “Magic Mike XXL”. Also in 2015, Crystal returned to film as the Executive Producer of “Talbot County”, a horror film set in the backwoods of Georgia about a werewolf legend in 1986. Going forward, Crystal is expected to have a long and productive career, based on talent and hard work, combined with a desire to continue acting and using talents behind the scenes as well.

Filming Starts for Three Films

New Starting Dates for Upcoming Films

2016 and onward look to be big years in the film industry, with big examples such as “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” being a major one. That’s not to say there’s other movies that the public should make a note of.

While 2016 has a slew of films coming out, there’s also several notable films due to start filming this year so they can be ready for release by 2017. Twentieth Century Fox has a couple of films that will start production, one of which is “Alien: Covenant” which will be another movie in the Alien series and the sequel to the 2012 prequel “Prometheus.” The film would once again involved Ridley Scott serving as the director.

Speaking of sequels, producer Jon Urbana told Bloomberg that he’s set to produce “Wolverine 3,” the third movie in the spin-off Wolverine series as well as the sequel to 2013’s “The Wolverine” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Production is supposed to being in New Orleans in the spring and is widely thought to be the final movie involving Hugh Jackman as the title character.

“Avatar 2,” another sequel that fans can look forward to, will also begin filming in the spring, although the movie isn’t set for release until 2018. Some of this can be due to director James Cameron choosing to shoot multiple sequels for this film right alongside each other.