Is Talkspace the Therapy Option You’ve been looking for?



As the debate between whether the Digital Age produces more harm or good continues, it seems as though there may at least be some balance headed our way.

For example, a South Korean study suggests that more than ten percent of internet-using teens are at risk for depression. But now, on the other hand, those with a smartphone can access Talkspace – a service that enables people to seek help with a mental-health professional online.

The pros are clear. Instead of having to take an entire afternoon to trek to an intimidating office uptown to see a therapist, one can now reach into their pocket for the same experience. Users can choose from something as simple as text support, to a full-blown Skype therapy session. And Talkspace claims already 500,000 users have sought help from over 1,000 therapists!

Their success is supported by the fact that they’ve recently been acquired by Magellan Health. Talkspace will provide on-demand psychotherapy for clients of Magellan Health.

Another benefit of using Talkspace is the price. Seeing a professional therapist in the traditional way costs hundreds of dollars. But on Talkspace, there are plans for as little as $32.00 a month. Or, for example, at just $49.00 a month, users can get two sessions per week plus a third, live half-hour session. On the other hand, Talkspace’s top competitors charge between $150.00 and $300.00 on a monthly basis for the same service.

Another benefit worth mentioning is that communication is not asynchronous. This gives both parties time to think their responses through. For example, the client has time to think about what their therapist said, how to use it, and how to respond. The therapist has more time to study the client’s non-verbal cues and really understand what they were saying. Although there is a short learning curve for this type of communication in therapy sessions, it has shown tremendous results once both parties get the hang of it.

If you’ve been considering therapy, Talkspace should top your research list. It is considerably cheaper than traditional options, has proven success, is accessible at your convenience, and offers a unique experience that provides better results.