DACA’s at Risk and Frontera Doesn’t Like It

DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was created to protect children who were brought into the country by their parents who were undocumented. The children were not born in the United States and are not citizens, but they are able to enjoy different things that other undocumented immigrants are unable to enjoy. They can do things like get an extended work permit, get a driver’s license and even enjoy the tuition discounts that most other people don’t enjoy. They are required to meet stringent guidelines and are not entitled to freeload off the government like many citizens are. This is what the law consists of, and it helps to ensure they are not going to be a hassle to the people who are living in the United States. It was a law that was created to protect people who were in different situations because of the options they had on their own.


As things got better for people who were working in the United States under DACA, others started to take notice. The “dreamers” have to meet different requirements and the DACA status is not given out to just anyone. They are required to submit proof they are not going to be a burden in the United States. It is something that has been helpful for many people who were in these situations and who wanted the ability to try different things no matter what was going on in their businesses. As things have changed for these people, they have seen the options the United States has.


While the people who are dreamers are no real threat to the United States and actually contribute quite a bit to the country, they are doing what they can to help make it a better place. Donald Trump does not see it that way and just wants them out of the country. He has a vendetta against the dreamers he will use to get his way. He wants to make sure they are out of the country and is now considering the steps it will take to rid the country of DACA.


People who are protected under DACA will no longer be able to renew their working permits. They won’t be able to work or contribute, and they’ll have the leave the United States. Since they can’t get any type of help, many of them will become undocumented immigrants on their own and will be subject to strict legal action. They can’t get what they need from the situations they are in, so it has to make sense for them to continue using DACA. The Frontera Fund is fighting to make DACA protected so Donald Trump can’t hurt it or eliminate it.