Digitized Inmate Forms and Grievance Application form Securus

Securus Technologies is improving inmate communication and services by providing inmate forms and grievance applications on the ConnectUs platform. This platform is one of the greatest technologies that the prison system in the U.S has access to today. ConnectUs contains several features that cater to the varying needs of inmates, but it still maintains control so that users can only get what is made available to them. I believe that is an excellent way to monitor prisoner activities while still meeting their communication needs.

Cost Savings

Now with the availability of inmate forms and grievance applications on ConnectUs, a few advantages come to mind. For one, the digitization of the process means that the prison system saves on costs since the need to spend on paper is eliminated. Imagine how much each prison in the U.S spends on printing machines, paper, and ink to provide all the needed inmate forms. Less paper also means an environmentally friendly prison system, which is something I and a million others can appreciate, considering the carbon footprint caused by tree cutting.

Time Saver

Perhaps the biggest saving that the digital inmate forms and grievance applications give is time. Prisons have to deal with numerous applications from sign ups to medical acceptance to grievances, and correction officers have to handle the distribution, routing, collection, copying, filing, response, archiving, and storage. With the digitization of forms and application, the prison system saves the valuable time that these functions demand, meaning that correctional staff is free to fulfill other important roles.

Securus Technologies has been providing technological solutions to the prison system in the United States and surrounding regions and has been excelling at it. I think that with all other sectors getting modernized solutions driven by tech, it is just right that the prison system capitalizes as well, and Securus Technologies has made that possible.