Brian Bonar Honored as Executive of the Year

PR Newswire applauds Brian Bonar for being named the Executive of the year in Finance by Cambridge Who’s Who. This award marks a great achievement for Mr. Bonar. Just being on the Who’s Who roll is an honor, but even more elusive is the award of Executive of the year.

Only two men a year are named Executive of the year in their discipline. The nominees are whittled down based on their achievements in several different categories.

First, the selection committee looks at the education of the nominees. Brian Bonar holds several degrees. He majored in Technical Engineering at James Watt Technical College. This gave him a very solid background with which to build his career.

He continued his education by working for and receiving a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University. His commitment to education and his technical ability in his field moved his career forward and contributed to him achieving the award from Cambridge Who’s Who.

Secondly, the selection committee considers the private sector accomplishments of the candidates in the running for the award. Brian Bonar puts forward an impressive list of credentials. He began his work at IBM due to his excellent technical skills.

Quickly, his ability to lead people allowed him to move into management at QMS. Several years after moving into the financial sector Mr. Bonar started his own company, Bezier Systems.

His later success at Dalrada Financial Corporation highlighted his skill in working with people and his talent for mergers and acquisitions. Currently, he works as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Third, and last, the Cambridge Who’s Who selection committee reviews the leadership experience of the potential winners of the Executive of the year award. Mr. Bonar again presents an impressive resume. His experience managing teams early in his career show that Mr. Bonar is talented at leading people.

According to Bloomberg at Bitsy Link, Mr. Bonar is remembered by colleagues as, “a helpful and wonderful colleague” by his co-workers at Dalrada Financial Services.

Starting his own business shows incredible leadership ability and expertise in his technical field. His company, Bezier Systems was created to launch the first SCSI-based printer. It was this step out of his more comfortable positions at IBM and Adaptec that spurred his career forward.

Currently, Mr. Brian Bonar is the CEO of two companies and it is no surprise that the Cambridge Who’s Who selection committee chose to recognize his contributions to the Financial sector by honoring him with their award of Executive of the year.