The Cosmetic Brand For Unicorns and Unique Individuals

Are you a unicorn? Would you like to be? These questions may seem strange to some, but to Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere they make complete sense. After all, she is the self-titled “Unicorn Queen”. For those unfamiliar with Deere and with Lime Crime this is all undoubtedly confusing, but the loyal customers of the company understand. This is a cosmetic business that is dedicated to being unique, exciting and exceptionally colorful. The flamboyant and energetic CEO needed to have something stunning in order for it to rival her own vibrant flair.

Lime Crime was established on the belief that not everyone wanted their cosmetics to look natural and blend with their skin tones. It was designed for people who were tired of basic and needed their makeup to help them to create the exterior vision of the persona they felt on the inside. However, they also wanted something that was higher in quality than Halloween paint and stage makeup. It had to be something healthy for their skin and long-lasting so constant reapplications were not necessary.

Doe Deere understood this because during her busy career she had modeled, created a clothing line and owned a popular blog. She also delved into music and much more. All of this time and exposure to creative individuals in all forms of media helped her to see what was missing. For her, it was cosmetics that could compete with her personality and clothing. Not finding what she wanted, she did what any good entrepreneur would and created the product herself.

In less than a decade Lime Crime has become a familiar brand to people around the world, largely thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Interested customers can purchase the products online at the Lime Crime website or review their list of approved retailers that carry their brand, like UrbanOutfitters for example. Doe Deere stays busy with the company and in social media as she helps to set colorful trends and encourage her customers to be themselves.