Twenty Three Layers Plans the Best Events

Jessica Boskoff knows what it takes to design a grand and memorable wedding. After all, not only is it her business, but it is also her passion. She knows by instinct what colors and textures mesh well with each other, and she has a particular fondness for pastels. Her favorite colors right now are blush, mint, and aqua which she says are fun, stylish, and vibrant.

Jessica brings a whimsical playfulness to her profession, one that is not generally seen, but her passion for what she considers her art is overwhelming. Being a designer allows her to express herself in so many creative endeavors that it transcends just being a business and actually washes over into all other aspects of her life.

The company that she founded, Twenty Three Layers, event planners in NYC, specializes in weddings, celebrations, corporate functions, and charitable gatherings. They are known throughout the industry for their ability to put together one-of-a-kind events that are forever fondly remembered by all those in attendance. You can visit their website to view all of the services that they offer and contact them if you have any questions regarding their ability to prepare your special day for you. They are very skilled in their particular niche and have a wide assortment of clients that use their services on a regular basis.

Jessica claims that her love of style is always evolving and that she constantly is on the lookout both to inspire and to be inspired. You can follow both Jessica and Twenty Three Layers on Instagram. They are always available if you are in need of planning service for any kind of high-end event that is taking place in the greater New York-area. Their love of a great and memorable gathering is matched only by their love of putting smiles on people’s faces.

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What Is The Mission Of Thor Halvorssen?

Thor Halvorssen has a mission to help as many people as he can around the world who have been hit by tyranny. The tyranny that he sees around the world is so damaging in some ways that he needs to get on it right away. He started the Human Rights Foundation to make sure that he could help as many people as possible, and he is using the Human Rights Foundation to fight against governments that are oppressing their people.

The first thing that Thor Halvorssen did was go to the press to make sure that they heard as many of these stories as possible. He wants to be sure that the public has an idea of what is going on around the world, and he also wants to be sure that anyone who is looking for a way out can get help from the Human Rights Foundation. It is extremely easy for people to get help because Thor Halvorssen has put offices around the world, and stories are getting told every day that once were buried.

The best thing that Thor Halvorssen has done for the people of the world is take on dictators who are hurting their people. The around of information that is used around the world for the Internet carries news stories about these dictators, and it is something that a lot of people can learn about just by reading the news. According to Time magazine, Thor Halvorssen is becoming a household name because he is willing to go on any news show and talk about these things, and it helps his cause to show that real people are suffering around the world.

Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation will change a lot of what people do around the world, and they will help make it known that some countries around the world are in need of change. The changes can happen a lot faster because of someone like Thor Halvorssen, and he will help to make sure that all the people who are struggling most get help. He will never stop talking to the press, and he will always track the world’s worst dictators.

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The Cosmetic Brand For Unicorns and Unique Individuals

Are you a unicorn? Would you like to be? These questions may seem strange to some, but to Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere they make complete sense. After all, she is the self-titled “Unicorn Queen”. For those unfamiliar with Deere and with Lime Crime this is all undoubtedly confusing, but the loyal customers of the company understand. This is a cosmetic business that is dedicated to being unique, exciting and exceptionally colorful. The flamboyant and energetic CEO needed to have something stunning in order for it to rival her own vibrant flair.

Lime Crime was established on the belief that not everyone wanted their cosmetics to look natural and blend with their skin tones. It was designed for people who were tired of basic and needed their makeup to help them to create the exterior vision of the persona they felt on the inside. However, they also wanted something that was higher in quality than Halloween paint and stage makeup. It had to be something healthy for their skin and long-lasting so constant reapplications were not necessary.

Doe Deere understood this because during her busy career she had modeled, created a clothing line and owned a popular blog. She also delved into music and much more. All of this time and exposure to creative individuals in all forms of media helped her to see what was missing. For her, it was cosmetics that could compete with her personality and clothing. Not finding what she wanted, she did what any good entrepreneur would and created the product herself.

In less than a decade Lime Crime has become a familiar brand to people around the world, largely thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Interested customers can purchase the products online at the Lime Crime website or review their list of approved retailers that carry their brand, like UrbanOutfitters for example. Doe Deere stays busy with the company and in social media as she helps to set colorful trends and encourage her customers to be themselves.

Why You Need Online Reputation Management

Negative reviews or comments can tarnish your reputation online, so it extremely important to hire the services of reputation management experts.

People tend to believe what they read online, and that can be bad news for anyone who does not know what people are saying about him or his business. It is imperative that every business owner or professional take proactive measures in tracking comments and reviews about his personal or business profile. If you don’t take steps to suppress negative comments or derogatory reviews about your business, you will eventually suffer devastating consequences.

There are companies that offer to monitor and manage your online reputation for you, or even fix your online reputation. These reputation management companies provide valuable service to businesses and professionals. With their service, you don’t need to worry about what customers or clients are saying or posting about your business because these experts will address the issues appropriately. By using these services you can focus on your business or projects while they handle the online reputation management for you.

Fix Search Results is a top rated firm that offers online reputation management and can provide the top notch services you need to run a successful business. This company has their own proprieatry tracking system in place, which enables them promote favorable information about their clients.

Fix Search Results has a team of highly knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. Each of their reputation management experts has many years of experience in the industry and comes highly recommended. Their clients come from many different industries and are always pleased with the quality of service they receive.

Take the time to learn more about Fix Search Results and the huge benefits of using their services to protect your business or your brand. You will be absolutely delighted with the results you will get. Visit Fix Search Results at their website to request a consultation with their professionals.