Jaime Garcia Dias is one of Brazil’s Premiere Writers

Jamie Garcia Dias is a Brazilian author. He is forty five years old and was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He began his passion for writing at around fifteen years of age. He since has won various literary awards. He is the son of the architect Garcia Dulce Dias and his father was writer Arnaldo Dias. He has credited his father with sparking his interest in the literary world.  But he’s also recently taken a bigger interest in the financial world as well, providing his expertise to investors throughout Brazil.

When he was eighteen years old he decided to attend college at the University of Rio de Janeiro. By the, still relatively young age of 30, Jamie Garcia Dias has written ten books. In 2001 he received his first literary prize, as shown on his website, the White Crane. He currently has released more than twenty books and has received five different awards for them. He received an award for the following books he released: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny. He is now known as a very prominent fiction writer in Brazil. He also has won the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize, which was his most recent literary achievement. In addition to his writing career, he is also an educator.

He taught at the Carioca Litarature Academy for five years. The academy was a preparatory school for students interested in literature who planned to attend college to study it, upon graduating from high school. Also, he has now become president of the school. He has accomplished much success since his initial interest with literature at fifteen. He attributes his success to authors he looked up to and his father for sparking his love for literature.