Real Estate Maverick’s Greg Hague Sells Homes and Teaches Others

Greg Hague is a Scottsdale Arizona real estate broker who has a passion for selling houses. He is currently known as “The Real Estate Maverick” who goes all over the country sharing his knowledge of the industry with those who are trying to be successful doing what he does. He has 35 years build into his career that expands into both legal and many other areas, but he tends to focus on his true ardor.

He tells people that selling homes and the methods really haven’t changed in the past 8 decades. So many people are trying to use new methods that are so unnecessary. The inefficiency at which people are selling homes with is reducing their profits by up to 8 percent. They need to throw out the old fashioned methods of “hope marketing.” Realtors can’t sit by and hope that someone comes by and buys the home.

Hague runs The 990 Company, which is a comprehensive list of homes for sale across the country. Now he wants to branch out into uncharted waters and share his wealth with others. He has two plans, the 22-Step Home Launch Formula and also the 29 Day Fast Sale Plan. He built these courses from the ground up to allow him to reach realtors and correct their wrongs.

So what gives Hague the ability to discuss all this and get the masses to listen to him? Well, when he started out in Scottsdale, he had 3 people under him and a modest list of homes for sale. However, he found that by utilizing sales tactics that stores use, he could sell more homes. What happens when a company puts a coupon out there on the web? People are going to come and buy that product because they’re getting a discount. The same applies to real estate. Offer them a chance to reduce their commissions and see how hard they work to help sell their home. His methods are tried and true and have made him the successful business professional he is today.

He teaches in his classes that you must use anticipation building before the sign ever goes in a yard. Before a home is listed, it needs to have a story behind it to “drip feed” the potential buyers. The flyers need to have language that is motivating on them. Saying things like eager seller-unbelievable pricing-coming soon and stuff like that gets the interest pumping before it hits the market.

Hague also urges people to utilize the personalized private showings to buyers. These people are likely to pay more money so they don’t lose the home. This is especially true in markets where it’s imperative to make a decision quickly.

People always want to see homes that aren’t officially listed yet too. They feel like they have the inside information and will get the best price. The truth is they will typically pay way more for that house than if it goes to the market. His classes are turning around the lives of real estate agents far and wide. By following a few basics, it’s possible to make selling homes child’s play.

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