Doe Deere Doesn’t Believe in Strict Beauty and Fashion Guidelines

Doe Deere is a prominent figure in the cosmetics world. Since she’s Lime Crime’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer), it’s no surprise. Deere recently revealed that she believes that it’s no big deal to pay no mind to beauty and fashion guidelines. There are actually even some beauty and fashion guidelines that the makeup guru loves ignoring.

The CEO doesn’t believe that you have to refrain from sporting dramatic lips and dramatic eyes together. If you want to wear thick black eyeliner with bright red lipstick that’s reminiscent of that of a 1950s movie star, you can do so with confidence. You don’t have to combine smoky eyes with a nude lip, for example. You can have fun and make everything look dramatic and intense. Deere indicates that she ignores this beauty guideline on a regular basis.

Deere doesn’t believe that you can’t combine a number of different patterns, either. She believes that patterns are exciting. She enjoys wearing numerous prints at the same time. She does have a certain method to her “madness,” however. When she combines prints, she tends to make sure that their colors are somewhat similar or that the colors look attractive together.

Beyond patterns, Deere doesn’t think that people have to steer clear of combining many different colors in general. People are often afraid of combining colors out of the fear of appearing tacky. Deere doesn’t have that fear, however. She thinks that vibrant color is something people should embrace and welcome.

Deere also doesn’t have a problem wearing socks with high heels or with shoes that are open-toed. Although that concept is a major “no no” to many fashionistas out there, Deere thinks that it can often work extremely well. She loves the additional color socks can often provide the foot area.

Deere is a big fan of wacky and cool hair colors. She doesn’t, however, adhere to the idea that you have to stick to neutral or black attire if your locks aren’t exactly a natural shade. Deere has no problem combining gorgeous blue hair with bright yellows, for example.

Some people believe that they have to start dressing a certain way as they get older. That isn’t a belief that Deere subscribes to, either. Deere thinks that if you think something looks good, then it’s suitable for you to wear, no matter what.

Deere first entered the world on June 15th, 1981. Her name was Xenia Vorotova. She’s been a major fan of beauty and fashion for a long time. That’s exactly why she launched Lime Crime, too. Lime Crime is a cruelty-free makeup brand. The brand’s many diverse products include eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and lipstick. There are also many nail products available from Lime Crime. The brand’s nail polish comes in a number of interesting and fresh colors such as peaches and cream.

The origins of Lime Crime go back to Deere’s time as a prominent blogger on Livejournal. She currently works as the creative director for the company. She has an active role in product development.

George Soros Regrets Backing Obama in 2008


An email message that was recently released by the State Department shows that George Soros, a billionaire supporter of the Democrats, told an ally of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that he regrets giving his support to Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic primary elections.

An article published by The Hill says that Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress, sent an email to Clinton in May 2012 in which she shared details of a talk that she had with Soros at a dinner. Soros apparently told her that he was impressed with the fact that he can always get in touch with Clinton regarding policy issues and that he never had such open communication with Obama. He told Tanden that he enjoyed working with Hillary Clinton right from when she was First Lady. He then said that supporting Obama in 2008 was a mistake.

In 2012, an article from The New Yorker shows that Soros made a donation of $5 million to help Obama win the 2008 election and that he later felt like the President “snubbed” him once he was elected, despite the large amount of support that he was given by Soros throughout his campaign. Soros had a desire to come to Washington to meet with Obama over problems affecting the global economy, but the President’s staff failed to respond to the request.

Instead of getting an interview at the White House, Soros instead met with Obama behind closed doors in New York City, at a time when the President was in town on business. Soros found this low-profile meeting disappointing, especially with how much he supported Obama during his campaign. According to some people close to Soros who spoke to the press, the billionaire was highly upset that that Obama wouldn’t invite him to have a formal meeting in the White House.

Fashion Innovators Like Doe Deere Lead Independent Changes To The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has recently been looking to the new generation of independent pioneers in the fashion and cosmetics business in a bid to keep up with the latest changes taking place in personal fashion. LimeCrime’s Doe Deere is one of the best known of this latest generation of fashion pioneers, following the establishment of her LimeCrime brand of cosmetics that has become one of the fastest growing in the world. Deere has recently been explaining the ways she has been looking to create her own sense of fashion, which sets her apart from the majority of fashion experts in the world.

Doe Deere is a fully trained fashion designer who completed her education in the iconic city of New York, which shaped her style as an individual over her formative years. Deere initially looked to establish LimeCrime as a fashion label before finding herself struggling to locate cosmetics from the traditional suppliers found around the world. After failing to locate cosmetics for herself and her models Doe Deere learned the secrets of the makeup industry in a bid to make sure she could look exactly as she wanted without bowing down to the giants of the cosmetics industry.

Understanding that increasing numbers of people are seeking to explore their own sense of style inspired Doe Deerde to create new cosmetics and post videos Online to assist others in their own journey into producing cosmetics. The idea that that we should all follow a single set of fashion rules goes against everything Doe Deere stands for, which has led to her becoming an active blogger hoping to inspire others to follow their own set of rules as they follow their own personal sense of style.

In a recent interview Doe Deere explained how she breaks the traditional rules of the fashion industry to call on those around her to follow their own personal tastes. Doe Deere does not believe the need to have only a single statement piece of makeup, clothing or accessories should be a rule set in stone. Deere also feels bold colors can be used for her hair and teamed with strong colors for her clothing and accessories. Following her own sense of style has become more important than ever before for Deere and her social media followers.

Jaime Garcia Dias is one of Brazil’s Premiere Writers

Jamie Garcia Dias is a Brazilian author. He is forty five years old and was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He began his passion for writing at around fifteen years of age. He since has won various literary awards. He is the son of the architect Garcia Dulce Dias and his father was writer Arnaldo Dias. He has credited his father with sparking his interest in the literary world.  But he’s also recently taken a bigger interest in the financial world as well, providing his expertise to investors throughout Brazil.

When he was eighteen years old he decided to attend college at the University of Rio de Janeiro. By the, still relatively young age of 30, Jamie Garcia Dias has written ten books. In 2001 he received his first literary prize, as shown on his website, the White Crane. He currently has released more than twenty books and has received five different awards for them. He received an award for the following books he released: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny. He is now known as a very prominent fiction writer in Brazil. He also has won the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize, which was his most recent literary achievement. In addition to his writing career, he is also an educator.

He taught at the Carioca Litarature Academy for five years. The academy was a preparatory school for students interested in literature who planned to attend college to study it, upon graduating from high school. Also, he has now become president of the school. He has accomplished much success since his initial interest with literature at fifteen. He attributes his success to authors he looked up to and his father for sparking his love for literature.

Real Estate Maverick’s Greg Hague Sells Homes and Teaches Others

Greg Hague is a Scottsdale Arizona real estate broker who has a passion for selling houses. He is currently known as “The Real Estate Maverick” who goes all over the country sharing his knowledge of the industry with those who are trying to be successful doing what he does. He has 35 years build into his career that expands into both legal and many other areas, but he tends to focus on his true ardor.

He tells people that selling homes and the methods really haven’t changed in the past 8 decades. So many people are trying to use new methods that are so unnecessary. The inefficiency at which people are selling homes with is reducing their profits by up to 8 percent. They need to throw out the old fashioned methods of “hope marketing.” Realtors can’t sit by and hope that someone comes by and buys the home.

Hague runs The 990 Company, which is a comprehensive list of homes for sale across the country. Now he wants to branch out into uncharted waters and share his wealth with others. He has two plans, the 22-Step Home Launch Formula and also the 29 Day Fast Sale Plan. He built these courses from the ground up to allow him to reach realtors and correct their wrongs.

So what gives Hague the ability to discuss all this and get the masses to listen to him? Well, when he started out in Scottsdale, he had 3 people under him and a modest list of homes for sale. However, he found that by utilizing sales tactics that stores use, he could sell more homes. What happens when a company puts a coupon out there on the web? People are going to come and buy that product because they’re getting a discount. The same applies to real estate. Offer them a chance to reduce their commissions and see how hard they work to help sell their home. His methods are tried and true and have made him the successful business professional he is today.

He teaches in his classes that you must use anticipation building before the sign ever goes in a yard. Before a home is listed, it needs to have a story behind it to “drip feed” the potential buyers. The flyers need to have language that is motivating on them. Saying things like eager seller-unbelievable pricing-coming soon and stuff like that gets the interest pumping before it hits the market.

Hague also urges people to utilize the personalized private showings to buyers. These people are likely to pay more money so they don’t lose the home. This is especially true in markets where it’s imperative to make a decision quickly.

People always want to see homes that aren’t officially listed yet too. They feel like they have the inside information and will get the best price. The truth is they will typically pay way more for that house than if it goes to the market. His classes are turning around the lives of real estate agents far and wide. By following a few basics, it’s possible to make selling homes child’s play.

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Why More People are Using Cellphones Than Ever

While it can be a bit of a hassle to change carriers, it is important to notice that more people are changing carriers than ever before. That is because more people are using cellphones than ever before. Before then, people had to pay for a home line. Phones were also nothing more than devices that people used to talk to someone else. However, as devices became more advanced, more people began to look at cellphones. The game really changed when cellphones were given the ability to surf the Internet, play videos, music, and games. This has given people the desire to gain a cellphone for themselves and take advantage of all of the features that the phone offers.

Among the cellphone carriers that are offering some of the best features is FreedomPop. People that are looking to take advantage of the services offered by FreedomPop must know that they have to have the right devices for the phone service. Fortunately, they are selling some products that they could use for the phone service. However, these devices are not new. They are refurbished products that worked under Sprint for North America. In other countries, it is a similar situation. These products are rather older products. So as of now, they may not be as advanced as what some of the other service providers have to offer.

There is a new phone that is in the works for FreedomPop. These phones are being designed and built with the Intel Processor. This is to ensure that the phone works at a very high speed with very few problems if any. Intel has had problems breaking into the mobile arena. FreedomPop is giving Intel the chance that it needs in order to prove itself worthy of the mobile industry. In the works is a Wi-Fi first smartphone.

FreedomPop is one of the carriers that one should consider switching to. One of the worries that people have when it comes to switching carriers is that it cam be very complicated. However, it is not that complicated. It could be a little expensive due to having to pay for a device that is programmed for that carrier in most cases. However, after buying the device, the customer just has to register for a service and pay for the service plan that he believes is the best for him. After that, he can just enjoy the service that he has paid for.