Omar Yunes Adding Value to the Sushi Itto Brand through his Hard Work and Passion for Food Business

Making it big in the food and restaurant business is always challenging and highly competitive. In Mexico, many fast food chains are trying to win the hearts of the people to grab the significant share of the multi-billion dollar fast food industry. However, one of the brands that have become hugely popular in the country is Sushi Itto, which is a Japanese fast food restaurant. Omar Yunes is the owner of 13 Sushi Itto franchise in the country and is named among one of the most successful, enterprising, and charismatic entrepreneurs in Mexico. Recently, Omar Yunes won the Best Franchisee in the World Competition that took place in Florence, Italy. Numerous franchisees from 34 countries participated in the event, but Omar Yunes was named as the winner after the judges evaluated participants on various set parameters.

Over the years, Omar Yunes has played a vital role in making Sushi Itto a famous brand in the country. In a country where Japanese cuisine was not very popular, Omar Yunes made it one of the favorite cuisines. The branding and marketing strategies used by Omar Yunes on a local level to increase his sales and business are unique, which also played a crucial role in getting him brownie points at the BFW competition. Omar Yunes is a down to earth man, and after winning the contest, he gave credit to his workforce for helping him achieve the success he and his outlets enjoy today. Omar Yunes mentioned while receiving the award that winning such a fiercely fought competition wouldn’t have been possible without the effort made by over 400 employees working in 13 Sushi Itto outlets.

The number of stores owned by Omar Yunes accounts for nearly ten percent of the total Sushi Itto joints. Omar Yunes started off by opening the first Sushi Itto franchise when he merely 21. However, he ensured that he made his first business venture a success by putting in a lot of effort. It is what helped him gradually expand his business and open many Sushi Itto franchises across the country, located in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla.

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Get Summertime Fine with Makari de Suisse

Summer time will be here before you know it. While you’re in the process of dieting and exercising to have your body bikini ready, why not get your skin ready for summer time too? Hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and melasma on the skin can make you feel uncomfortable showing yourself. Makari de Suisse is here to save your skin, and get you summer time ready all over. Each luxurious product has been clinically proven to help women of color to fade discolorations of the skin, revealing a more natural and healthy skin tone. Check out the Summer Classic Combo which includes the following: Whitening Exfoliating Soap, Day Treatment Cream, Body Beautifying Whitening Milk, and Makari perfume. You’ll not only approach summer with clear, smooth, glowing skin, but you’ll also smell divine with Makari exclusive fragrance. For ten years has been helping women to feel more beautiful, and it’s time that you allow them to make this your best summer yet.


Laidlaw & Company Brings Tradition And Expansion Together

The banking industry is known for many banking types. The various banking types gives the banking industry the ability to serve a wide range of clients and banking needs. While there are many banking types in the banking industry, most of the banking types are similar in some main aspects. The main differences between banking types involve the specific services that are offered.


One banking type in particular that is vastly different than most other banking types is investment banking. The investment banking type is unique in the type of client and the type of services that it provides. Regarding the type of client that investment banks look to serve, the client usually has substantial cash and a high net worth.


The clients at investment banks have enough assets and cash to handle the business deals that they are involved in, but the clients prefer not to use their own money for business deals. However, they prefer to work with banks that have a large cash reserve and can get access to large sums of money quickly. This is why investment banks work well with these types of clients because investment banks deal with large sums of money.


Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that can provide the money needed for large business deals. The company has the money available to help clients that require money for a wide variety of business deals. Laidlaw & Company has been in business for over 170 years. The company is well known in the banking industry and serves a quality list of clients.


Laidlaw & Company has locations in the United States and Europe. The company works hard to provide a high level of service for its clients. The company serves a mix of clients that include public institutions, private institutions, and high net worth individuals. I feel that Laidlaw & Company is an outstanding company. The company combines a small company structure with a high level of banking services.

Google Makes A New Policy Over Libel and Defamation-Related URLs

Google has a lot of say over what a person or business’ reputation is. The way items are indexed in the search engine creates impressions in the mind of those who perform a search. Google’s rules for indexing and removing websites is based on internal policy. A very newsworthy change has been implemented by the company. Essentially, “defamatory content” is no longer being removed from the search engine’s listings.

In years past, attorney associated with libel and defamation cases would ask Google to remove URLs presenting derogatory information and Google would honor the requests. In a recent article by, Google has changed its policy and does not automatically remove the URLs. Some URLs removal requests may be granted, but a significant number of said requests are declined.

The entities impacted by the presence of derogatory online content might be very unhappy to hear about this new policy. Someone who wins a libel case and then discovers the libelous and untrue comments live on via Google results is sure to be extremely concerned. The concern should be shifted into action. The specific action must take the form of contacting a reputation management firm.

A reputation management firm is capable of taking several steps to reduce the effect of negative content in the search engines. Creating a series of completely new websites designed to promote a person or business is one method. Creating various different blogs with a number of promotional entries is another. The intended purpose is the same. The new websites, blogs, and content are all indexed by Google and take positions in the search engine results. The negative content suffers the effect of being driven down past the first three pages and out of sight.

The reputation management process has to be a deliberate and sustained one to achieve a desired outcome. Those who want to see the current Google landscape changed must give the reputation management firm enough time to achieve the outcome.

Google’s recent decision to be unresponsive to requests related to libel and defamation cases should not be ignored by those in the public eye. The reports reveal a critical truth. Caring for an online reputation is a personal responsibility. Nothing must ever be left to chance.


A Closer Look at Active Managers

If you were an investor in the early 2000s, you would probably have been wise to invest in Netflix Inc. rather than Blockbuster Inc., a movie rental company. Even then, it was quite clear that movie rentals were a dying business. However, an index fund cannot make such a distinction. It uses a formula that is based on the current size of stock.

According to Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group,  active manager is quite different. He or she searches for the value that will help an investor get a higher return than the market average in good time. For instance, the current economic times make it hard for companies to make meaningful profits. However, there are still companies that are doing tremendously well. Additionally, Tim Armour states, the current volatility in oil prices represents risks and opportunities for investors.

Tim Armour writes in the Wall Street Journal, that an excellent manager can be recognized by his ability to conduct ample amounts of research. The research leads to an insightful view of the company’s future. One example is the development of innovative therapy techniques and the aging baby boomers. An active manager would meet with not only the company’s representative but also the competitors, doctors, distributors, and academics. Additionally, a financial analysis would be needed to understand the risk exposure levels.

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According to a recent survey, 81% of baby boomers feel that protection from market downturns is an important aspect of any management strategy. However, very few of them were aware that index funds expose them fully to any downturns in the stock market.

However, things are not all rosy in actively managed funds. There are many of them, which charge a high fee or perform poorly. The result is that most investors give up and settle for index funds. However, with careful research, an investor can find the right one.

A recent study by Capital Group shows that active managers who invest huge amounts of their money and charge low fees beat their benchmarks almost 90% of the time. The figure is calculated over a ten-year rolling period. That would mean hundreds of thousands more for investors over a 20-year period.

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Generation X should seriously consider this type of investment. They came of age during the housing crisis, the burst, stagnant wage levels, and the financial crisis. Most of them fear they will never make enough for retirement. As a result, investing in an active fund that performs better than the market would greatly help them.

With the right financial advisor, finding a good active manager can be made easier. When supplemented with enough research, it is quite possible to find an active manager who can earn their up keep. It will help to ensure a flawless retirement.

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Richard Blair Providing Sound Investment and Wealth Solutions to Clients in Austin, Texas

Providing families, individuals, and small businesses of Austin, Texas with the tools they need to reach their financial goals is the aim of Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm established by Richard Blair.

Through personalized retirement plans, investment, and wealth preservation strategies, Blair helps clients to understand their options to grow and manage their capital, guiding them to practical solutions that meets their needs. He is a committed, unbiased, and reputable financial advisor, accomplice and coach. His credentials include, Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), and Retirement Income Certified Professionals (RICP).

In order to successfully meet the needs of his clients, Wealth Solutions implements a comprehensive process for financial planning. However, if the situation arises, a unique, personal plan for a client can be designed.

An individualized portfolio and three pillar approach used by Blair enables him to identify where he should focus his efforts. He takes into consideration the current and future financial situations of his clients to understand where they are now and what their future hopes in investing or retirement may be.

Pillar 1: Because Richard Blair Wealth Solutions wants to provide each client with a good plan, he begins by creating a roadmap for their finances that ultimately becomes their investment portfolio. This is necessary to assess the bigger picture by knowing where the client can improve, as well as their financial strong points.

Pillar 2: With the current situation and investment goals of the client in mind, pillar two is geared towards solidifying a long-term financial strategy. By monitoring the market, Richard Blair can move and manage a client’s assets to make sure he can maximize performance and minimize negative impacts of their investments.

Pillar 3: Already having solidified a plan for where to focus his efforts, Blair uses pillar three to help clients finish their portfolio. This last pillar outlines how they will reach their insurance needs for investments, life insurance and long-term care.

About Richard Blair

A family history of teaching, along with his financial abilities, inspired Blair to start Wealth Solutions in 1994.

A passion for increasing knowledge and confidence, while serving others was instilled in him at a young age as he watched both his grandmother and mother help their communities through education. Blair continues to provide outstanding financial advice to the Austin, Texas community.

Waiakea Water Is Taking The World By Strom

Recently, Forbes magazine did an article about Waiakea water. Organic Authority said that The Waiakea water bottled water company is a company that has grown substantially over a short period of time. Bottled water is one of the most popular drinks when it comes to consumption. Ryan Emmons was the individual that saw his big break when it came to bottled water.

Even though there are many different bottled waters that come in all types of different containers, in the past there was a huge area that had not been tapped. Ryan Emmons was able to create a product that was sustainable, and this product also had very unique health benefits.

Apart from those 2 Things, Waiakea Spring water also has environmentally friendly packaging, and the proceeds from the water are also able to give back to communities in need. Ryan Emmons is the founder of Hawaiians laconic water, and he made his big break when he was just 22 years old.

There were only a few young entrepreneurs when it came to the beverage industry. The majority of those that worked in the beverage industry were over 50 years old, and because of that many of the young beverage entrepreneurs worked together. These young entrepreneurs realized that since they were new, they were not going to get that much attention on their own.

Now all of that has changed, because Emmon’s water company has grown over 4000% since it was cofounded by him in 2012. Emmons was only 22 years of age at that time,.

According to BabyBoomster, Now Waiakea water has an annual growth rate of over 170%, and the company has gone from making a little bit over 2300 cases of water in a year to making more than 122,008 cases in a year. This Waiakea company has been able to make so much ground because big stores like Whole Foods has been playing on the their team.

The reason why Waiakea’s Hawaiian water is so unique and popular is because it comes from Hawaiian volcanic water. This water comes from melting snow and it is also the rain that comes from the snowcapped peak of the Mauna Loa volcano.

This is one of the purest sources of water in all the earth, because the water has to go through over 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. The water is not only pure, but it is rich in many minerals that are great for a person’s body.

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More Than One Way To Cleanse With Dherbs

Have you been considering a cleanse? More and more people are noting the benefits of cleansing your body for increased health, energy and well-being. A good cleanse can improve the look of your skin, help you fight off illness and disease and even result in less stress.


One thing you should know is that there is more than one way to cleanse. Some people do simple, targeted cleanses for a specific purpose. With that said, you may wish to do a full-body cleanse, with smaller, specific cleanses afterward as needed. An example of a full-body cleanse would be the 20 day cleanse from This cleanse is a comprehensive cleanse regimen that targets all organs and systems in the body. It comes with full instructions and quality products to help you achieve optimal health and amazing results.



Let’s look at some common cleanses:



  • Colon cleanse
  • Liver and kidney cleanse
  • Cleanse for healthier skin
  • Cleans to support reproductive health
  • Quick cleanse for digestive discomfort



These are just a few examples. Cleanses can be relatively quick, such as a 48 hour juice or lemon water cleanse, or they can be comprehensive, full-body systems cleanses such as the 20 day cleanse by, many of which getting some great reviews on Yelp.


Choosing a cleanse by means you are getting high-quality, natural supplements and products from a reputable company that knows its stuff. Dherbs specializes in products that are meant to enhance health, well-being and overall quality of life.  Check them out on social media, or visit the official website here:

SEC Whistleblower Receives $17 Million Award

A client represented by Labaton Sucharow recently became a millionaire because he was brave enough to expose a wrongdoing in the financial sector. The client was apparently awarded $17 million dollars by SEC from sanctions collected from the offenders. This is the second largest award to be given to a whistleblower since the program started six years ago.

According to Labaton Sucharow CEO Jordan Thomas, the client came to them with a lot of courage determined to expose the bad things he had witnessed in the financial service sector. He lauded the client and encouraged others who are afraid to expose suspicious activities in various financial fields to report and bring back sanity in the industry. He added that the client was represented anonymously to avoid any attempt by the offenders to interfere with the case.

SEC Whistleblower program was started in 2010 after it was enacted into law by the Congress. The program was part of a broader legislation that was tabled in the Congress by legislators to regulate the country’s financial sector. It has provisions that allow people who suspect inappropriate activities in the business sector to report to the SEC without fear. The program offers protection to those who want to report wrongdoings from retaliatory attempts by the companies affected. The individuals are allowed to report without revealing their identification to the public for their own safety. SEC does not reveal specific scenarios where the whistleblower played a role in giving more information to prevent interference.

Many law firms have warmed up to the program since it started. They have realized the huge potential the program has given that most people have begun to come out of their shells to report cases that violate SEC regulations. Most firms project a double increase in the number of clients after the recent award. One of the firms that have largely tapped in SEC Whistleblower program’s potential is Lubaton Sucharow. Led by its CEO Jordan Thomas, the company has established a parallel department that exclusively handles SEC Whistleblower cases. The recent award of more than $17 million to one of its clients will remain in the company’s history as one of the biggest achievements.

Other law firms have begun to follow suit, and soon SEC Whistleblower will become a big goldmine for lawyers. The meteoric rise will come as a result of people’s desire to bring back good business practice in the country.

Global Expert Geoffrey Cone Says No-Tax New Zealand is False

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney and expert when it comes to all things expat. He knows that it is important to live in an area that is both comfortable and sustainable. He works with people who want to move to different countries decide which one is the right choice for them. He works to make sure that he knows everything that there is to know about moving countries and the right (and wrong) reasons for doing so. He also makes sure that he has life experience that can help his clients have a better understanding of what it is like to move to a different country.

There is a list that is published each year with information on which countries don’t have any taxes. These are among the most popular countries for people to migrate to and they tend to be better options for people who want to move without having to pay outrageous taxes on the things that they should be able to do for free, like living and working. There are many countries on the list that are not actually tax-free but that have an extremely low tax rate that could actually be seen as nominal.

It is important to note that New Zealand has never made its appearance on any of these lists. Cone’s global expertise does not expect them to be on the list anytime soon, either. He knows New Zealand, that is where he was born at and move from, and he knows that the tax laws would never allow it to be one of the countries that are on the list. He lives in a different country now because it is tax-free and it is somewhere that he felt would help him more financially than New Zealand.

While the country has never been on the lists, hundreds of websites have published it as a country without taxes. They have done it so many times that people have actually started moving there in hopes of not having to pay taxes at all. This is a problem for the country and could cause the taxes to increase because there are so many people living there and it would be unsustainable to keep the tax rates at the same place that they have always been even when the population is much lower than what it currently is with all of the expats who live there.

The mix-up could have come as a result of a changed law in New Zealand. The law works to make the tax system more stable which, in turn, makes the economy more stable. This law is much different than having a complete lack of taxes in the country. It makes the country have a cap on the taxes and allows people to rest assured that their taxes will stay in the same bracket or only move slightly if they begin to make more money. It is a guarantee to the residents of the country who were fearful of extremely high taxes.

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